Wednesday, December 9, 2009


rasa cinta..
rasa rindu.
dan tolong berhenti.

kembalikn hidup yg ku rindu.PULANGKAN!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

hanya ini

assalamulaikum all.
hanya ini.

a fren sms-ed me dis morning with dis.

"Morning! Tiada siapa yg boleh tentukan sejauh mana kita boleh pergi, termasuk diri kita sendiri, jadi, TERBANG saja n tentukan! Have a solid Fiday".

nota kaki: sy masih belum mampu utk TERBANG!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

lelaki di atas awan [episod 2]

wah...tetiba kan,nk ter'update' blog [kata2 en haiqal],huhu...boleh mcm tu??

hmm...hw's life every1?hope semua ok la kan...kpd yg dh nk mula exam,wish u all the paper will start 2morw, 2bth oct, follow by 3oth oct,31st oct, 2 nov, 3 nov and 4 nov.owh...kenapala semua nih dekat2 jek?

5 nov pisau cukur,nk tgok!!!

9 nov ada asgmnt nk kena hntar.then dh boleh balik kampung.cuti sem yg panjang.BEST!!!!
very teruja nk tgu masa tu.

kisah lelaki di atas awan td [mode awan dania sgt]..huhu...
fly and fly and fly up high in the sky...

itu ja,
sy diam,
dn kaku.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

cerita lama

yup, I KNOW



without any hope
[ya...perhaps there's still hope]

but it would be FUN,


kalau itu yg LEBIH BAIK.

teruskan bersinar.
take care

Friday, September 4, 2009

LELAKI Di atas awan...?


di atas awan,


Friday, August 28, 2009

takkan ku biarkan ia,terus terluka musnah & HILANG....

assalamualikum and hi to every1
.so, hw's ur puasa guys?

hope every1 enjoying this holy month;Ramadahn.

str8 2 d point,
just wanna share with u bout my puppetry thing.
remmebr i've shown u my puppets in the last post?

long story cut shot,
my friends borrowed it for her video clip,
she returned to me,
n i brought bck home ( i m sure bout that)
n this was 3+ weeks ago.

last 3 weeks,
before the midsem break,
i saw a piece of paper,
written n left in the computer lab,
n reads like thi(as far as i remember),

"For those who r concern,
i took ur uppetry home,
as i think tht u left it here(computer lab)
just 1 to take a look at them,
plz contact me at XXX-XXXXXXX)"
and i dun really remmbr the number,
as i thougt,
tht person is talking about sumbody's puppet,
as i m sure i have all my puppets at home!!!

and now,
i m going to the computer lab,
will try to find tht ssmall note,
i wish i could find it,
if not,
i'll try to write a note,
on the whiteboard,
n hope that person will read n contact me,
as i really need the puppets by nxt week,
4 my evaluation.
hope it will b fine,
or if not,
i need to REDO my puppetS AGAIN!!!!!
pray 4 me.

till then,
have a nice day: )

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

atas permintaan ramai

naem kembali.
hmm...sekadar nk mengupdatekan blog yg dh tertunggak dgn beberapa post.
bukan apa,naem ada 2 blog utk subjek naem dlm semester ni.2 2 blog kena update as the lecturers will see and evaluate our progress/understanding via our reflection/comments on others' blogs....and the lecs said to ADD ON extra information regarding the topic dicussed on tht particular week.
hmm,...yg tu pn naem update,semampu yg boleh,nnti x dek markah lak.

many things hapen in past few weeks.
my fren's graduation day,
sesi bergambr

hari2 yg lain?
macam biasa,
p kelas,
naem suka sgt bila menjelang hari khamis,
rasa x sabar utk tunggu hujung minggu,
walaupn hanya duduk kt rumah ja.

i LOVE my puppetry class every thursday nite[6.30pm~9.30pm]
i enjoy it very much.
here r few photos frm my puppetry classes.
semua mereka hanya boneka tidak bernyawa,
memerlukan seorang puppeteer,
untuk menghidupkan,
dn mengerakkan.

...dan NAEM masih disini

Friday, July 31, 2009



hi all,


esk teruja sgt nk p santai selamba bloggers .

jmpa kt sana nnti k.

teruja teruja teruja.
p/s: more details.
layari blog KARL

Saturday, July 11, 2009

a comfused saturday.

good morning people,
just a short scribble here.

when i woke up this morning,
i m thinking of wht had hapen last nite.

last nite,
when i was sleeping,
a cat,
jumped into my room,
from the open window,
it lay down beside my pillow,
n later i shooed him away.

my question is,
is there any clue/sign/hint or whatever,
or it just coincidently hapen.
i dunno,
perhaps i m thinking too much on unnecessary things.

btw,have a great day: )

a comfused satuday.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Venue: the store Sg. Buloh [kecik ja]
Time: 3pm
Date: 21st june 2009

thx to haikal for the info,

thx to syah for the camera.

finally, i got the chance to meet 1 of my fav singers, Amy Mastura![Faizal Tahir & Kaer Azami too]


so,wanna share with u some photos.

thx to Amy Mastura.

i'll always support u.

to kak nana,hope to c u again: )

"lebih baik cinta daripada benci,

lebih baik setia dari iri hati,

menyanyi dan menari sesuka hati,

janji kita,


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

5,6,7,8...jom menari!!

i m BACK,after my last post 2 weeks ago.
huhu...kinda bz with classes,holiday,etc.
going to write sumting here.
a compilation of
S.K Cochrane day 5,6,7 n 8.
[jz a simple 1,with few photos]
S.K Cochrane: Day 5
finally it was friday again.
huh... 4 days in this school,
i've learnt a lot[at least for my self]
as usual,
GPK pentadbiran always ready with those relief class slips for each n every1 of us,at least 1 person will get 1[as i said before,she looks like kerani doing tht thing at the counter in the office]hehe...but i like her,as she's very approachable+warm: )
n i got...
1 Jasmine for d maths lesson
hv a discussion with Ct on wht to b done in d class,Ct suggested to ask the pupils to draw a robot using shapes tht they hv learnt[n ct also did d same for her class too]
i cut d A4 papers into small pieces[of course with sum extra pieces as i learnt on d previous day],
n ready to d class which is str8 away after resess time.
n guess wht,
i learnt
lesson no. 5:
in my p.o.v
children will b extra joy/excited/full of happiness as the cn play/chit-chatting during resses time.
so,before you start d lesson in the class,get them relax n giv them time to keep all the water bottles etc.[n then only u cn start d lesson]
another precaution need to b taken,
which is
lesson no. 6:
as they r very excited,
in my p.o.v,
u dun need to make them EXTRA excited,
like wht i did!!
me: r u ready class?
pupils: yes [few pupils only]
me: R U READY CLASS? [+extra loud voice]
pupils: YEEEESSSSSSSSSSS[n they scream like....SUPER DUPER LOUD!!!]
me: ok, ok.calm down.[n walk to a student to ask sumting]
me: dh blajar pasal shapes?
pupil A: dh cikgu.
me: class,hv u learned bout shapes?[i project my voice,not shouting]
pupils: yes! [in chorus,but not so loud as b4]
me: Tell me few shapes tht u knw?
pupils:[almost evry1 want to say d answer,n og course they were shouting] OVAL,SQUARE...etc
me: Gr8!guess wht WE r going to do 2day?
Pupil B: [innocently] draw shapes teacher?
me: YES.but...[as i want them to keep guessing]
pupils: but y teacher, y...[hoping 4 sumting]
pupils: [again my fault,they scream loudly] YEAAAAAAAAAA~terpekak seketika:P
me: and of course using shapes ok.wht u need to do is follow my instruction n we will do it together ok.
they were very excited and ask for more.n i said..."perhaps nxt time".
~class end~
n guess wht,
1 pupil came to me n said,teacher..."u want Ben10 sticker?"
yes...y not.i said.[n asked him to paste it on my planer cover
n he also gave me a sheet from Ben10 colouring book,n i dunno y.hehe...
me: thx so much
pupil C: u r welcome[smile]..............~end~
S.K Cochrane: Day 6 [after d school break] day, n it was a monday after d school break.
so lazy to go to school
tht wht i felt tht day.
BUT then,
early in the morning,
cikgu nazery came n gave us a pen 4 each of us.
: )
as usual,
need to relief a class.
n again i got 1 Jasmine.haha..
as i enter d class...
pupils: YEAaaaa....teacher naem.
me: : )
n this time for an english lesson.
i asked them to choose their favourite animal n say it 1 by 1 using the sentence pattern tht i wrote on d blackboard.
my hnadwriting on d board!Ugly:p
finish all,i gave them a pice of small paper n we did spelling bee.
I m surprised.
even jz a simple xtvt,
they still give me full attention,
they listen every word attentively.
gr8. 1 Jasmine.easy to handle: )
"n now, i want u to draw ur favourite animal and colour it,ok"
i luv it.class end.
went to the staff room,
haha...guess wht..
we were playing 'scrabble'[b4 we cn go bck at 2pm]
naqib brought it,
so no more 'permainan tekakata berikutnya' yg memboringkan as faiz claimed.hehe..
few female teachers then make a circle,
they bring each other chair to dis particular teacher's table,
n they started gossiping...
eh...NO.they were sharing stories i guess.hehe..n ustaz also came n joined.
ustaz such a friendly person.seriously!
S.K Cocharne: Day 7
nuthing much,
as usual,
went to a relief class,
5 canna+5 lilly[if i m not mistaken] for moral study.
n did spelling with them.
i feel annoyed as 1 of the pupils keep looking at her watch.
in my p.o.v, she feels boring or perhaps the words are vry easy to her.i dunno..
S.K Cochrane: Day 8
it's today,
as usual
chit chatting,
n a relief class.
a relief class for moral study,
but now at 3hibiscus/3lilly.
Pn Rohana told me to llet them do the exercise and d correction dfor the previous exercise.
they did,
but 5minutes b4 the class end,
a pupil,her name is nicole came n said to me:
"teacher he's a japannese boy[as she points to this particular pupil]
"really".i said[lil bit surprise]coz he doesn't look like a japannese.
i went n asked him.
wht's ur name?
Japannese boy: my name is Cikhara.
me: ic.ur mom is a japannese is it?
Jb: mum is a japannese n my father is malaysian.
n i wish to help him actually,cz in my p.o.v he doesn't understand wht the excersice is all about.he jz copy the excersice,n show it to me,without answer.ahh...poor him.
i think,he doesn't know the instruction as he only answer d Qs when i told him wht he should do.
during resess, i waved at him,he waved bck n smile.chikara................~end
found in the staff room.A dog:p
wht will hapen 2morw?
S.K Cochrane: Day 9.
nite all.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


dear mr faizal tahir,
CONGRATULATIONS for ur gr8 performance at Elken Nite Winners 2009!
it was superb!!
the crowd luvs u very much!
n shikeen n I screaming like hell...almost histeria.haha...

u ROCK d house!!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


1. S.K Cocharne:Day 5
[terasa sgt malas nk menulis sekarang]

2. cadangan en. haiqal:
p.r tulis je pasal Kaer Azami.

p/s:nk tulis pasal Faizal Tahir & Amy Mastura skali,boleh?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

S.K Cochrane: Day 4

DAY 4,
the story begins like dis.

2day no more exam for the lower primary classes.
as usual,
i need to relief only 1 class 2day which was 3 canna.

nuthing much to do in the class...
i asked them to introduce themselves n their fav animal/s.
i gave them a quater piece of exercice book paper for each pupil[credit to cik ct for the paper],
n we played spelling bee, which i guess the luv it so much.they really gave their attention to listen to wht i m asking them.
"please spell the word hamster".
"bahasa melayu ke inggeris cikgu?"
"english plz...skang ni masa bahasa inggeris kn?"

n i learnt
Lesson no 4:
prepare something extra[materials],
like extra papers,
n extra everything.
u knw y?
cz sumtime it might hapen like dis,
"cikgu,kertas dia terbang"
"cikgu,ada org pijak kertas saya"
"cikgu,dia ambik kertas saya"
by doing such extra thing,
it will make u more confident to face the 1001 children's behaviours in the classroom.

wht will hapen 2morw?
till then,
s.k cochrane day 5,

pics on my facebook "naem che ismail"

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

S.K Cochrane: Day 3

hi all, as usual,
i'll tell u lil bit bout my experience for today.
as usual,
the GPK pentadbiran gave us task to be completed,
which is to invigilate the exam,
in different classes for each of us.
i got the chance to invigilate 4 Ixora "kami mmg suka bercakap" again,
for english paper 2.
guess wht,
the pupils sat quitely n really focus to answer the paper in 30minutes!~
haha...n here i learnt few lessons.
4 Ixora "kami mmg suka bercakap" answering english paper 2.
"Cikgu,ni lah corak batik yg paling cantik!"katanya.
Lesson no. 3:
pupils like when there is someone gives extra attention to them.
belive me...when 1 pupil starts to ask about sumthing,
n the other 2, 3,4, or even 5 other pupils will start to raise up their hand,
mayb to ask the same question,or other questions!
wht i did was,
"kamu semua berhenti menjawab".
n i explain 1 by 1,
from question 1 untill question 3,
which i think,
i should explain clearly each of the question,
before they start to answer the question paper.
Lesson no 4:
children love to talk,even the tecahers!!!
they want to share their ideas,
n feelings,
even in the middle of the exam!
as for example,
when i went to invigilate 3 Jasmine,
for pendididkan seni visual,
[i took d 2nd period of it as faiz has taken the 1st period]
they even came to me,
pupil A: cantik tak cikgu?[as she shows me her drawing]
pupil B: cikgu,kt sini nampak kosong la...nk tmbah apa lagi
"awak tambah je love,cantik sikit,lagipun kad hari bapa kan?"kata si cikgu.
n the list goes on...
n these 3 little girls were playing with watercolour on their hand,
"kamu sini jap"
as they scared to come,n i said "cikgu nk ambik gambar la..."
they were so happy n later i asked them to wash their hand in d toilet.
"macam tangan monster x cikgu?"mereka punya 'imaginasi'
as these 3 little chinnese girls saw me captured their friends faces,
they also asked me to capture their drawings,
which i think they did it less than 20minutes.
haha...they only draw 3 flowers n all about the same with each one of them.
u knw y?
because,they love to talk!!!
they talk,
they colour a bit,
talk some more,
went to the toilet to clean the watercolour pallate,
redo again,[n i guess they were using the same colour,or almost the same]
n that's it.
they talk all the time.
Wong: i know hw to play piono,i can paly happy birthday song...etc
cikgu: u went for a piano lesson,is it?
Wong: NO.i learnt from book.
Lesson no. 2[which should be yesterday's lesson]:
prepare for some extra plans when u enter the classroom.
not only plan A n B,mayb u should prepare plan C,D,E,etc.
u might not knw,
wht will going to happen,
when u enter the class.
so,Expect the unexpected!!!
n some more random pics,
Sarapan pagi. The Food.
paeh yg tesion,pagi2 dh tension!aiihh..xpaham cek!
till then,
S.K Cocharne day 4,

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

S.K Cochrane: Day 2

"kenapa eh,kelas awak ni mmg suka bercakap eh?bercaaaakap je ..."
"...entahlah cikgu,diaorg tu mmg suka bercakap"[smbil buat muka yg membuatkan aku nk tergelak]
[dlm hati]"eh budak ni...[n i laugh]

naqib asked the pupils in 4 Ixora,
to hold a piece of paper with their right hand,
n to put their left hand on their mouth,
n naqib gave instruction like this:
"sekarang sy nak kamu tulis nama kamu kt atas kertas tu,tulis kecik je"
suddenly,a pupil said:
"tapi cikgu,mcm mn sy nak tulis?"
n i laugh again.haha...
"ko ni naem,asyik gelak je dr td,lepas ni ko lak bg handel"
sory naqib.haha...
permainan isi masa lapang.hehe...tekata berikutnya.
meeting room.paeh kelihatan 'tension'.haha...mcm mn nk hilangkan tension che paeh oooi??
The GB,n GPKs
Paeh yg tension memanjang:P

Monday, May 25, 2009

S.K Cochrane: Day 1

hi all....
guess wht,
i went for s.e.p [school experince programe] at s.k cochrane which was d 1st day today.
hw was it?
i would say that,


went to the office,
met the guru penolong kanan pentadbiran,
she's such a nice n friendly person,
but 1 thing,
tht shouldnt hapen,
especially to those
teachers in the making,
like my frens n i did was...

LESSON no.1:
make sure u greet all the teachers/someone tht looks like teachers/staff/cleaners/etc because,u might nt knw tht particular person is actually NOT a kerani,instead tht is your GPK Pentadbiran.To add with tht,u might not relise tht someone is a GURU BESAR untill u shake hand n he introduces himself.haha...WE thought he is juz an ordinary teacher,who stands at the kaunter at the office n chit chatting with his 'kerani',i mean the GPK.haha...


our 1st task was,
to invigilate a diagnostic test for primary 6.
paeh n naqib were assingned in 1 class [6 jasmine]
while ct n i were assingned to invigilate year 6 hibiscus,
paper b.melayu penulisan,
so nervous tht time,
then ct n i asked them to be quite,
the class monitor greeted us with
"selamat pagi cikgu-cikgu",
hw sweet...
we distributed the paper,
n the exam begins...

in the middle of the exam,
a pupil came to me n said:
"cikgu,izinkan sy untuk ke tandas"
i smiled n let him go,
so nice,
n i feel like a teacher.

in my P.O.V
kids would always be kids.
u knw y,
i could see a chinnese boy,
who sit near d door,
was playing with his watch,
put an eraser on tht watch n even play with it!
so interesting!
i guess,he was talking to himself,
try to find the answer: )

about 30minutes b4 the exam ends,
another pupil came to me n said:
"cikgu,izinkan sy utk minum air"
ayyyakkk....kena mntak izin jugak ka?
i m asking myself!

things went well,
n hope 2morw would be better than dis,
i need to mingle with other teachers too,
mcm en. paeh buat mesra,
dgn org kampung dia!
here r sum pics.

cikgu kt situ yg bg magazines tu."nah baca...baru terbukak mata"

till then,

2 b continue,

s.k cochrane:DAY 2


Friday, May 15, 2009


slamat pagi matahari,
terima kasih kerana terus senyum: )
[p/s:blog,maafkan aku,terasa malas nk update tengah hari kelmarin]
thx to sis aqmaal 4 d comment on tht very short post.haha...
untuk memenuhi permintaan pembaca2 blog ni[ada ka?haha...sure ada,kurang2 2 3 org kn?]
ni lah dia...apa yg kamu baca.
kamu HAPPY?
saya HAPPY
hehe...sure HAPPY!

HAPPY dari Amy Mastura.Yay!!!!

ada 10 lagu baru seperti:
1. Fiesta
2. Lagu Happy
3. Bahasa Langit
4. Langkah Di Hatimu
5. Satukan Hati
6. Dingin Malam
7. Ini Kasihku
8. Mencapai Bintang
9. Jangan Cintakan Aku
10. Satu Kecupan.

in my p.o.v

pembukaan album yg 'fresh' dgn lagu Fiesta.lain sket dr lagu2 amy mastura yg lain.terus ke trek 2, Lagu Happy,makin Happy la...meriah,rancak, & bertenaga dgn cara Amy Mastura.Kata en. haiqal,"Ini Amy Mastura,memang ada bau2 Amy Mastura".[mcm sha na na & cinta]
lagu2 lain,best!sedap di dengar,byk yg 'easy listening' walaupun 1st time dgr [walaupn naem akui,bukan semua lagu dlm album ni best].

in my p.o.v,
overall naem bg 6/10.
naem rasa kulit album Amy Mastura kali ni boleh buat yg "lebih baik",mcm album Bintang Hati,Akan Datang & Lebih Baik.
kali ni mcm agak simple,
tp mode Happy Amy Mastura pada kulit album memang terserlah ke'Happy'annya la...hahaha...

Lagu2 pilihan naem:

1. Lagu Happy
-sgt sesuai dgr di pagi hari,masa matahari br nk naik,pasang dlm kereta odw ke tempat kerja/kelas pasti rasa HAPPY.

2. Langkah Di Hatimu
-Sedap.lagu tema drama Kasut Tumit Tinggi,rancak dgn cara Amy Mastura.

3. Fiesta
-pembukaan yg 'fresh'.tp masa pertama kali dgr,teringt lagu2 Amy Mastura utk album
pertama,tapi dgn kelainan yg baru!

4. Satukan Hati
-ballad yg sedap di dengar,walaupun masa pertama kali dengar.lagu yg lancar,
seadanya Amy Mastura.

5. Dingin Malam
-naem kata: rentak lagu ni sesuai untuk dodoikan anak sebelum tido..lembut,mendayu...tenang.
-kata haiqal: sesuai utk dinner kt hotel!haha..ya,kind of.melenggok kot molodi dia,
cuma "x sekuat Gema Rembulan".

6. Mencapai Bintang
-ada bunyi2 Lagu Happy kt permulaan dia,sambungan Lagu Happy naem rasa,untuk
capai impian!!! "Lompat terus ke angkasa"

CONGRATS to Amy Mastura & team,
kak Nana & Lilian,
peminat2 Amy Mastura msti beli ok.bukan senang nk buat album dgn 10 lagu baru dlm keadaan industri muzik yg mcm ni,byk artis yg keluarkan 'single' ja...

Janji kita....HAPPY!!!
[p/s utk Amy Mastura: teruskan mewarnai industri muzik!!!]
...dan sy kurang arif,untuk buat review menggunakan bahasa yg sesuai.all from my very own point of view.