Friday, April 15, 2011


It's a sign I GUESS,
but not so sure.
most probably, Yes.

BUT, don't left me behind.
i just need
a little space
to be with.

not-so happy weekend!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

real sooooooooon!

going to end my life as a student real soon. in my very final week now, and i am going to my very last class tomorrow. How i am going to miss those moment in the last 6 years!!! serious, i m fatigue sometime, but now i just realize that time flies, friends come and go, some stay, new friends come sometime, go again. [sigh].

i am going to face,
the very final class,
and i have to face

to dear friends,
Harinya telah tiba...

Through the pain
All my fears
All the Tears
You were the one there
Had my loss
Had my gains
Had it all
You made me stand tall
Like a rock we are
You are the hope
I am the faith
Will be forever
Through all the sun and rain that comes
[Semesta:hidden track, FT]