Sunday, June 21, 2009


Venue: the store Sg. Buloh [kecik ja]
Time: 3pm
Date: 21st june 2009

thx to haikal for the info,

thx to syah for the camera.

finally, i got the chance to meet 1 of my fav singers, Amy Mastura![Faizal Tahir & Kaer Azami too]


so,wanna share with u some photos.

thx to Amy Mastura.

i'll always support u.

to kak nana,hope to c u again: )

"lebih baik cinta daripada benci,

lebih baik setia dari iri hati,

menyanyi dan menari sesuka hati,

janji kita,


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

5,6,7,8...jom menari!!

i m BACK,after my last post 2 weeks ago.
huhu...kinda bz with classes,holiday,etc.
going to write sumting here.
a compilation of
S.K Cochrane day 5,6,7 n 8.
[jz a simple 1,with few photos]
S.K Cochrane: Day 5
finally it was friday again.
huh... 4 days in this school,
i've learnt a lot[at least for my self]
as usual,
GPK pentadbiran always ready with those relief class slips for each n every1 of us,at least 1 person will get 1[as i said before,she looks like kerani doing tht thing at the counter in the office]hehe...but i like her,as she's very approachable+warm: )
n i got...
1 Jasmine for d maths lesson
hv a discussion with Ct on wht to b done in d class,Ct suggested to ask the pupils to draw a robot using shapes tht they hv learnt[n ct also did d same for her class too]
i cut d A4 papers into small pieces[of course with sum extra pieces as i learnt on d previous day],
n ready to d class which is str8 away after resess time.
n guess wht,
i learnt
lesson no. 5:
in my p.o.v
children will b extra joy/excited/full of happiness as the cn play/chit-chatting during resses time.
so,before you start d lesson in the class,get them relax n giv them time to keep all the water bottles etc.[n then only u cn start d lesson]
another precaution need to b taken,
which is
lesson no. 6:
as they r very excited,
in my p.o.v,
u dun need to make them EXTRA excited,
like wht i did!!
me: r u ready class?
pupils: yes [few pupils only]
me: R U READY CLASS? [+extra loud voice]
pupils: YEEEESSSSSSSSSSS[n they scream like....SUPER DUPER LOUD!!!]
me: ok, ok.calm down.[n walk to a student to ask sumting]
me: dh blajar pasal shapes?
pupil A: dh cikgu.
me: class,hv u learned bout shapes?[i project my voice,not shouting]
pupils: yes! [in chorus,but not so loud as b4]
me: Tell me few shapes tht u knw?
pupils:[almost evry1 want to say d answer,n og course they were shouting] OVAL,SQUARE...etc
me: Gr8!guess wht WE r going to do 2day?
Pupil B: [innocently] draw shapes teacher?
me: YES.but...[as i want them to keep guessing]
pupils: but y teacher, y...[hoping 4 sumting]
pupils: [again my fault,they scream loudly] YEAAAAAAAAAA~terpekak seketika:P
me: and of course using shapes ok.wht u need to do is follow my instruction n we will do it together ok.
they were very excited and ask for more.n i said..."perhaps nxt time".
~class end~
n guess wht,
1 pupil came to me n said,teacher..."u want Ben10 sticker?"
yes...y not.i said.[n asked him to paste it on my planer cover
n he also gave me a sheet from Ben10 colouring book,n i dunno y.hehe...
me: thx so much
pupil C: u r welcome[smile]..............~end~
S.K Cochrane: Day 6 [after d school break] day, n it was a monday after d school break.
so lazy to go to school
tht wht i felt tht day.
BUT then,
early in the morning,
cikgu nazery came n gave us a pen 4 each of us.
: )
as usual,
need to relief a class.
n again i got 1 Jasmine.haha..
as i enter d class...
pupils: YEAaaaa....teacher naem.
me: : )
n this time for an english lesson.
i asked them to choose their favourite animal n say it 1 by 1 using the sentence pattern tht i wrote on d blackboard.
my hnadwriting on d board!Ugly:p
finish all,i gave them a pice of small paper n we did spelling bee.
I m surprised.
even jz a simple xtvt,
they still give me full attention,
they listen every word attentively.
gr8. 1 Jasmine.easy to handle: )
"n now, i want u to draw ur favourite animal and colour it,ok"
i luv it.class end.
went to the staff room,
haha...guess wht..
we were playing 'scrabble'[b4 we cn go bck at 2pm]
naqib brought it,
so no more 'permainan tekakata berikutnya' yg memboringkan as faiz claimed.hehe..
few female teachers then make a circle,
they bring each other chair to dis particular teacher's table,
n they started gossiping...
eh...NO.they were sharing stories i guess.hehe..n ustaz also came n joined.
ustaz such a friendly person.seriously!
S.K Cocharne: Day 7
nuthing much,
as usual,
went to a relief class,
5 canna+5 lilly[if i m not mistaken] for moral study.
n did spelling with them.
i feel annoyed as 1 of the pupils keep looking at her watch.
in my p.o.v, she feels boring or perhaps the words are vry easy to her.i dunno..
S.K Cochrane: Day 8
it's today,
as usual
chit chatting,
n a relief class.
a relief class for moral study,
but now at 3hibiscus/3lilly.
Pn Rohana told me to llet them do the exercise and d correction dfor the previous exercise.
they did,
but 5minutes b4 the class end,
a pupil,her name is nicole came n said to me:
"teacher he's a japannese boy[as she points to this particular pupil]
"really".i said[lil bit surprise]coz he doesn't look like a japannese.
i went n asked him.
wht's ur name?
Japannese boy: my name is Cikhara.
me: ic.ur mom is a japannese is it?
Jb: mum is a japannese n my father is malaysian.
n i wish to help him actually,cz in my p.o.v he doesn't understand wht the excersice is all about.he jz copy the excersice,n show it to me,without answer.ahh...poor him.
i think,he doesn't know the instruction as he only answer d Qs when i told him wht he should do.
during resess, i waved at him,he waved bck n smile.chikara................~end
found in the staff room.A dog:p
wht will hapen 2morw?
S.K Cochrane: Day 9.
nite all.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


dear mr faizal tahir,
CONGRATULATIONS for ur gr8 performance at Elken Nite Winners 2009!
it was superb!!
the crowd luvs u very much!
n shikeen n I screaming like hell...almost histeria.haha...

u ROCK d house!!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


1. S.K Cocharne:Day 5
[terasa sgt malas nk menulis sekarang]

2. cadangan en. haiqal:
p.r tulis je pasal Kaer Azami.

p/s:nk tulis pasal Faizal Tahir & Amy Mastura skali,boleh?