Wednesday, June 17, 2009

5,6,7,8...jom menari!!

i m BACK,after my last post 2 weeks ago.
huhu...kinda bz with classes,holiday,etc.
going to write sumting here.
a compilation of
S.K Cochrane day 5,6,7 n 8.
[jz a simple 1,with few photos]
S.K Cochrane: Day 5
finally it was friday again.
huh... 4 days in this school,
i've learnt a lot[at least for my self]
as usual,
GPK pentadbiran always ready with those relief class slips for each n every1 of us,at least 1 person will get 1[as i said before,she looks like kerani doing tht thing at the counter in the office]hehe...but i like her,as she's very approachable+warm: )
n i got...
1 Jasmine for d maths lesson
hv a discussion with Ct on wht to b done in d class,Ct suggested to ask the pupils to draw a robot using shapes tht they hv learnt[n ct also did d same for her class too]
i cut d A4 papers into small pieces[of course with sum extra pieces as i learnt on d previous day],
n ready to d class which is str8 away after resess time.
n guess wht,
i learnt
lesson no. 5:
in my p.o.v
children will b extra joy/excited/full of happiness as the cn play/chit-chatting during resses time.
so,before you start d lesson in the class,get them relax n giv them time to keep all the water bottles etc.[n then only u cn start d lesson]
another precaution need to b taken,
which is
lesson no. 6:
as they r very excited,
in my p.o.v,
u dun need to make them EXTRA excited,
like wht i did!!
me: r u ready class?
pupils: yes [few pupils only]
me: R U READY CLASS? [+extra loud voice]
pupils: YEEEESSSSSSSSSSS[n they scream like....SUPER DUPER LOUD!!!]
me: ok, ok.calm down.[n walk to a student to ask sumting]
me: dh blajar pasal shapes?
pupil A: dh cikgu.
me: class,hv u learned bout shapes?[i project my voice,not shouting]
pupils: yes! [in chorus,but not so loud as b4]
me: Tell me few shapes tht u knw?
pupils:[almost evry1 want to say d answer,n og course they were shouting] OVAL,SQUARE...etc
me: Gr8!guess wht WE r going to do 2day?
Pupil B: [innocently] draw shapes teacher?
me: YES.but...[as i want them to keep guessing]
pupils: but y teacher, y...[hoping 4 sumting]
pupils: [again my fault,they scream loudly] YEAAAAAAAAAA~terpekak seketika:P
me: and of course using shapes ok.wht u need to do is follow my instruction n we will do it together ok.
they were very excited and ask for more.n i said..."perhaps nxt time".
~class end~
n guess wht,
1 pupil came to me n said,teacher..."u want Ben10 sticker?"
yes...y not.i said.[n asked him to paste it on my planer cover
n he also gave me a sheet from Ben10 colouring book,n i dunno y.hehe...
me: thx so much
pupil C: u r welcome[smile]..............~end~
S.K Cochrane: Day 6 [after d school break] day, n it was a monday after d school break.
so lazy to go to school
tht wht i felt tht day.
BUT then,
early in the morning,
cikgu nazery came n gave us a pen 4 each of us.
: )
as usual,
need to relief a class.
n again i got 1 Jasmine.haha..
as i enter d class...
pupils: YEAaaaa....teacher naem.
me: : )
n this time for an english lesson.
i asked them to choose their favourite animal n say it 1 by 1 using the sentence pattern tht i wrote on d blackboard.
my hnadwriting on d board!Ugly:p
finish all,i gave them a pice of small paper n we did spelling bee.
I m surprised.
even jz a simple xtvt,
they still give me full attention,
they listen every word attentively.
gr8. 1 Jasmine.easy to handle: )
"n now, i want u to draw ur favourite animal and colour it,ok"
i luv it.class end.
went to the staff room,
haha...guess wht..
we were playing 'scrabble'[b4 we cn go bck at 2pm]
naqib brought it,
so no more 'permainan tekakata berikutnya' yg memboringkan as faiz claimed.hehe..
few female teachers then make a circle,
they bring each other chair to dis particular teacher's table,
n they started gossiping...
eh...NO.they were sharing stories i guess.hehe..n ustaz also came n joined.
ustaz such a friendly person.seriously!
S.K Cocharne: Day 7
nuthing much,
as usual,
went to a relief class,
5 canna+5 lilly[if i m not mistaken] for moral study.
n did spelling with them.
i feel annoyed as 1 of the pupils keep looking at her watch.
in my p.o.v, she feels boring or perhaps the words are vry easy to her.i dunno..
S.K Cochrane: Day 8
it's today,
as usual
chit chatting,
n a relief class.
a relief class for moral study,
but now at 3hibiscus/3lilly.
Pn Rohana told me to llet them do the exercise and d correction dfor the previous exercise.
they did,
but 5minutes b4 the class end,
a pupil,her name is nicole came n said to me:
"teacher he's a japannese boy[as she points to this particular pupil]
"really".i said[lil bit surprise]coz he doesn't look like a japannese.
i went n asked him.
wht's ur name?
Japannese boy: my name is Cikhara.
me: ic.ur mom is a japannese is it?
Jb: mum is a japannese n my father is malaysian.
n i wish to help him actually,cz in my p.o.v he doesn't understand wht the excersice is all about.he jz copy the excersice,n show it to me,without answer.ahh...poor him.
i think,he doesn't know the instruction as he only answer d Qs when i told him wht he should do.
during resess, i waved at him,he waved bck n smile.chikara................~end
found in the staff room.A dog:p
wht will hapen 2morw?
S.K Cochrane: Day 9.
nite all.


  1. u still in practikal yeah!!

    i see students like u

    so its good..

    cayalah la

    ceylet skit??


  2. u still in ur practikal yeah???

    i see students like u laa


    ceylet sikit???


  3. haha.. kat mane2 opis pn ade "sharing stories.." haha

    kt tempat aku pn ade ustaz ni join sekaki gak.. dia plak yg sama naik nak shared his stories.. huhu

  4. lol

    nk muntah baca post ni

    terlalu pjg


    compilation la konon2nye

  5. wan: bukan praktical,kind of slalu kena ganti kelas.hehe..i like: )

    mell: kan sharing is caring?hehe...

    karl: muntah la...hehe..kinda compilation.dh lama lately!

  6. naem, is that a cat on the black board? (hehehehehe)