Friday, August 28, 2009

takkan ku biarkan ia,terus terluka musnah & HILANG....

assalamualikum and hi to every1
.so, hw's ur puasa guys?

hope every1 enjoying this holy month;Ramadahn.

str8 2 d point,
just wanna share with u bout my puppetry thing.
remmebr i've shown u my puppets in the last post?

long story cut shot,
my friends borrowed it for her video clip,
she returned to me,
n i brought bck home ( i m sure bout that)
n this was 3+ weeks ago.

last 3 weeks,
before the midsem break,
i saw a piece of paper,
written n left in the computer lab,
n reads like thi(as far as i remember),

"For those who r concern,
i took ur uppetry home,
as i think tht u left it here(computer lab)
just 1 to take a look at them,
plz contact me at XXX-XXXXXXX)"
and i dun really remmbr the number,
as i thougt,
tht person is talking about sumbody's puppet,
as i m sure i have all my puppets at home!!!

and now,
i m going to the computer lab,
will try to find tht ssmall note,
i wish i could find it,
if not,
i'll try to write a note,
on the whiteboard,
n hope that person will read n contact me,
as i really need the puppets by nxt week,
4 my evaluation.
hope it will b fine,
or if not,
i need to REDO my puppetS AGAIN!!!!!
pray 4 me.

till then,
have a nice day: )

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

atas permintaan ramai

naem kembali.
hmm...sekadar nk mengupdatekan blog yg dh tertunggak dgn beberapa post.
bukan apa,naem ada 2 blog utk subjek naem dlm semester ni.2 2 blog kena update as the lecturers will see and evaluate our progress/understanding via our reflection/comments on others' blogs....and the lecs said to ADD ON extra information regarding the topic dicussed on tht particular week.
hmm,...yg tu pn naem update,semampu yg boleh,nnti x dek markah lak.

many things hapen in past few weeks.
my fren's graduation day,
sesi bergambr

hari2 yg lain?
macam biasa,
p kelas,
naem suka sgt bila menjelang hari khamis,
rasa x sabar utk tunggu hujung minggu,
walaupn hanya duduk kt rumah ja.

i LOVE my puppetry class every thursday nite[6.30pm~9.30pm]
i enjoy it very much.
here r few photos frm my puppetry classes.
semua mereka hanya boneka tidak bernyawa,
memerlukan seorang puppeteer,
untuk menghidupkan,
dn mengerakkan.

...dan NAEM masih disini