Wednesday, May 27, 2009

S.K Cochrane: Day 3

hi all, as usual,
i'll tell u lil bit bout my experience for today.
as usual,
the GPK pentadbiran gave us task to be completed,
which is to invigilate the exam,
in different classes for each of us.
i got the chance to invigilate 4 Ixora "kami mmg suka bercakap" again,
for english paper 2.
guess wht,
the pupils sat quitely n really focus to answer the paper in 30minutes!~
haha...n here i learnt few lessons.
4 Ixora "kami mmg suka bercakap" answering english paper 2.
"Cikgu,ni lah corak batik yg paling cantik!"katanya.
Lesson no. 3:
pupils like when there is someone gives extra attention to them.
belive me...when 1 pupil starts to ask about sumthing,
n the other 2, 3,4, or even 5 other pupils will start to raise up their hand,
mayb to ask the same question,or other questions!
wht i did was,
"kamu semua berhenti menjawab".
n i explain 1 by 1,
from question 1 untill question 3,
which i think,
i should explain clearly each of the question,
before they start to answer the question paper.
Lesson no 4:
children love to talk,even the tecahers!!!
they want to share their ideas,
n feelings,
even in the middle of the exam!
as for example,
when i went to invigilate 3 Jasmine,
for pendididkan seni visual,
[i took d 2nd period of it as faiz has taken the 1st period]
they even came to me,
pupil A: cantik tak cikgu?[as she shows me her drawing]
pupil B: cikgu,kt sini nampak kosong la...nk tmbah apa lagi
"awak tambah je love,cantik sikit,lagipun kad hari bapa kan?"kata si cikgu.
n the list goes on...
n these 3 little girls were playing with watercolour on their hand,
"kamu sini jap"
as they scared to come,n i said "cikgu nk ambik gambar la..."
they were so happy n later i asked them to wash their hand in d toilet.
"macam tangan monster x cikgu?"mereka punya 'imaginasi'
as these 3 little chinnese girls saw me captured their friends faces,
they also asked me to capture their drawings,
which i think they did it less than 20minutes.
haha...they only draw 3 flowers n all about the same with each one of them.
u knw y?
because,they love to talk!!!
they talk,
they colour a bit,
talk some more,
went to the toilet to clean the watercolour pallate,
redo again,[n i guess they were using the same colour,or almost the same]
n that's it.
they talk all the time.
Wong: i know hw to play piono,i can paly happy birthday song...etc
cikgu: u went for a piano lesson,is it?
Wong: NO.i learnt from book.
Lesson no. 2[which should be yesterday's lesson]:
prepare for some extra plans when u enter the classroom.
not only plan A n B,mayb u should prepare plan C,D,E,etc.
u might not knw,
wht will going to happen,
when u enter the class.
so,Expect the unexpected!!!
n some more random pics,
Sarapan pagi. The Food.
paeh yg tesion,pagi2 dh tension!aiihh..xpaham cek!
till then,
S.K Cocharne day 4,


  1. wah3 naem..dah mcm wat refelction daahh...copy paste ja la nnti...:-D...yes indeed we need to plan dear...gud luck 4 d other remaining days..

  2. haha...thx cel.
    gud idea btw,boleh2.nnti add on n ommit yg x perlu.