Thursday, May 28, 2009

S.K Cochrane: Day 4

DAY 4,
the story begins like dis.

2day no more exam for the lower primary classes.
as usual,
i need to relief only 1 class 2day which was 3 canna.

nuthing much to do in the class...
i asked them to introduce themselves n their fav animal/s.
i gave them a quater piece of exercice book paper for each pupil[credit to cik ct for the paper],
n we played spelling bee, which i guess the luv it so much.they really gave their attention to listen to wht i m asking them.
"please spell the word hamster".
"bahasa melayu ke inggeris cikgu?"
"english plz...skang ni masa bahasa inggeris kn?"

n i learnt
Lesson no 4:
prepare something extra[materials],
like extra papers,
n extra everything.
u knw y?
cz sumtime it might hapen like dis,
"cikgu,kertas dia terbang"
"cikgu,ada org pijak kertas saya"
"cikgu,dia ambik kertas saya"
by doing such extra thing,
it will make u more confident to face the 1001 children's behaviours in the classroom.

wht will hapen 2morw?
till then,
s.k cochrane day 5,

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  1. waalaikumussalam..=)
    kamoo ipgm mana eh?? ke ipgm mana2??hahha

    yup iptho
    kos rbt kat cini..

    aloh.. same ler.. amal pon baru berjinak2 jerk..nampk blog kamoo kat abir nye blog..

    kepp in touch..

  2. naeem sampai bila mengajar kat sek ni??
    ni bdk2 coti naeem pun coti la kn??

  3. wat will happen esok?
    hahahha....'cikgu dia dah terbang'!!!!

  4. nape la x upload gmbr kat sini

  5. amal: naem IPGM Ilmu khas,cheras,local link UM.
    all the best to u too.bulan 7 ni naem p UM.

    wan: yup,naem cuti gak skang.sambung balik lepas cuti skolah,lg 2 minggu.

    cel: nk tunggu ja sapa nk ckp mcm tu!: )

    karl: pr x larat leh check kt facebook pr k

  6. If I, "cikgu ade orang pijak kertas saya"-- I'll say "who's that orang?" and of course, the kid would answer as honest as any primary kids would, so.. let say the respond "Naem pijak"

    So I'll call Naem, and take his paper, and exchange it with the one that he pijak.

    Garang? No.. I'll do it with a smile on my face :)

    ps: but you gotta check whether he pijak on purpose or it was accidental. If the latter, then yes, kene la kasi paper baru :D

    happy sep dik

  7. "please spell the word hamster".
    "bahasa melayu ke inggeris cikgu?"
    "arbic plz...skang ni masa bahasa inggeris kn?


  8. hmmm...siapa ni?