Monday, May 25, 2009

S.K Cochrane: Day 1

hi all....
guess wht,
i went for s.e.p [school experince programe] at s.k cochrane which was d 1st day today.
hw was it?
i would say that,


went to the office,
met the guru penolong kanan pentadbiran,
she's such a nice n friendly person,
but 1 thing,
tht shouldnt hapen,
especially to those
teachers in the making,
like my frens n i did was...

LESSON no.1:
make sure u greet all the teachers/someone tht looks like teachers/staff/cleaners/etc because,u might nt knw tht particular person is actually NOT a kerani,instead tht is your GPK Pentadbiran.To add with tht,u might not relise tht someone is a GURU BESAR untill u shake hand n he introduces himself.haha...WE thought he is juz an ordinary teacher,who stands at the kaunter at the office n chit chatting with his 'kerani',i mean the GPK.haha...


our 1st task was,
to invigilate a diagnostic test for primary 6.
paeh n naqib were assingned in 1 class [6 jasmine]
while ct n i were assingned to invigilate year 6 hibiscus,
paper b.melayu penulisan,
so nervous tht time,
then ct n i asked them to be quite,
the class monitor greeted us with
"selamat pagi cikgu-cikgu",
hw sweet...
we distributed the paper,
n the exam begins...

in the middle of the exam,
a pupil came to me n said:
"cikgu,izinkan sy untuk ke tandas"
i smiled n let him go,
so nice,
n i feel like a teacher.

in my P.O.V
kids would always be kids.
u knw y,
i could see a chinnese boy,
who sit near d door,
was playing with his watch,
put an eraser on tht watch n even play with it!
so interesting!
i guess,he was talking to himself,
try to find the answer: )

about 30minutes b4 the exam ends,
another pupil came to me n said:
"cikgu,izinkan sy utk minum air"
ayyyakkk....kena mntak izin jugak ka?
i m asking myself!

things went well,
n hope 2morw would be better than dis,
i need to mingle with other teachers too,
mcm en. paeh buat mesra,
dgn org kampung dia!
here r sum pics.

cikgu kt situ yg bg magazines tu."nah baca...baru terbukak mata"

till then,

2 b continue,

s.k cochrane:DAY 2



  1. motiff...bkn org kg aku pon..hahaha

  2. tension..mcm mane nk release tension?

  3. cekcu naeem

    boleh x saya nk komen????


  4. p.r

    nape ngn didie tu?? tutup2 muka plak.. lempang kang

    nape x gosip2 dgn cikgu2.. ke promote HAPPY


    ade students yg cute2 x>>

    if ade yg cute, lebihkan mereka k!


  5. paeh: tension no...dh tu,mcm mn ni?

    abir: ye abir.hehe..nk apa ni,bgtau cikgu.

    wan: komen la...dialu-alukan.

    karl: nqb kn dh berumah tangga,so...dia kata muka dia byk jerawat,sb tu dia tutup muka.
    mots nk bergossip,pr dok tmpat pr,berYM,bc mags yg cikgu sebelah bg.haha...