Sunday, September 11, 2011

[sigh] lagi?!

hi all n [me].
my lecturer once said "the more you sigh, the more burden you have" (Chinese proverb).but one of my friends said "bukan mengeluh, tapi kita tarik dan hembus nafas yang panajang". erkkk...tak sama kah? be frank, i don't even know, exactly what had happen to me, and what's happening actually.i feel so empty.yes, EMPTY,kosong-tak-tahu-nak-buat-apa kind of know why, i guess i just need someone at this moment.or at least, someone to look after[ok,sounds weird enough!]like 1 of my friends said "IF, we can't get that someone, at least we a close to them [literally+figuratively] and that is good enough.he said so. i have to agree,as we might feel happy for them, we might feel happy for ourselves too.perhaps...[sigh] what?
crying inside?
or should i go and get what i want?
naa......that's not that easy.ok?!

to be continued

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