Sunday, September 4, 2011

another post for Thee.

Dear thee,
i hope u r fine there.

last night, when i was googling something on the net, i found something and that shows me how others inspired by you, a lot i guess. more than i am.

it's ok. i am happy and proud of thee. and i am glad to get the chance to meet thee and i still remember those moments.nothing much to be shared here, and i don't think u knw bout this, of how much i adore u.[perhaps u knew it, after i have told u before right?]

just keep me inspired, that's all.
keep being humble like u r,
i just can't do anything, except keep adoring thee,[ and let me keep this nicely in my heart].


THEE,take care.
and i am PROUD n HAPPY for thee,believe me.

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