Saturday, August 27, 2011

dear thee.

u know wht,
i just can't help myself,
to stop adoring u,i wouldn't
& hope everything is fine.
i might be far away from u,
& no matter what,
i m happy n proud of u.

BUT,i really need to put my feet on d ground.
u just can't naem.
then u hv to do something.
do what?
like what?
go n find urself.
tht's not for u.n don't put so much hope.u wont get it,no matter what.
but can i go on like this?
like what?
think....think.....n think.
(breathe in n out)

i want to say this,
i THANK you 4 the memories,
i THANK you 4 ur humbleness,down-to-earth,
& i trust u.

hey,wake u naem.
u sleep walking again,
wake up,
n stop dreaming,
because ur dream is just ended.
(but i think,it still going on n on n on)


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