Friday, March 26, 2010


at first, i was thinking to post this at my facebook status.but then, my friend said 'cannot'[sebab nnti mungkin org salah interpret.]:katanya...
but i really need to write it down somewhere,
and it's here.


1. don't simply jump into conclusion and make your own assumption.perhaps, it might not be as you think.
2. Plan something well. Be confident and follow your very first instinct.perhaps, it would be definitely right for you, at that moment.
3. ...and don't forget to be HAPPY to the people around least, you'll share their happiness a bit.

"siapa bilang, siapa sangka,
bulan itu jauh,
siapa sangka, siapa tahu,
naik turun aku".
(Adrenalin by Faizal Tahir)

p/s: G o to the nearest music store n get ur ADRENALIN.

take care.
i'm HAPPY[not really actually...]

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